Run Restaurants

Like Clockwork

Servo optimizes your restaurant floor workflow to maximize operational performance and drive incremental profit
The Need

A restaurant floor should run like clockwork.  However, monitoring its operational performance is complex and challenging.   As a result most managerial decisions are based on gut-feel and guesswork.

The Solution

Servo is an AI-powered platform which transforms the way Hospitality businesses manage their Front-of-House, to help them

operate at peak performance and drive incremental profit.

The Technology

At the core of Servo’s engine are

state-of-the-art Computer Vision algorithms which seamlessly integrate with existing CCTV infrastructure and analyze the entire operation systematically.




Integrates with the business existing CCTV cameras


Analyzes the Front-of-House activity using powerful Computer Vision algorithms.


Identifies pain points and underperformance patterns.


Compares results between different sites and shows against industry benchmarks.