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The secret
to seamless service

Servo unlocks insights that transform your guest experience
Image by Toa Heftiba
Who are we

Imagine having the power to pinpoint every possible service improvement across your operation. All through your current CCTV set-up.

We transform camera footage into insights to improve your guest experience.

We uncover underperforming steps of service and support you to solve them. Enhancing your guest experience, increasing covers, driving repeat trade and spend per head.

The Need

Assessing performance across hospitality is, all-too-often, driven by gut feel over objective information. 

The Solution

Servo transforms front-of-house operations, leveraging existing CCTV footage, by providing actionable insights.

The Technology

Servo’s engine is built on

state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms  analysing floor activity in-depth.

Improve your service

We partner with forward thinking, multi-site operators, providing ongoing support to help interpret their data and drive performance across the operation.

How Servo Helps


Integrates with existing CCTV cameras on site


Analyses Front-of-House activity in-depth


Identifies hidden pain points and weaknesses in service


Compares results of different sites and shows against industry benchmarks


Provides actionable, data-driven insights to increase covers and spend per head.

How it works

"The smartest product
in the market"

Eran Tibi, Owner Bala Baya, London
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